Golden State Warriors: Spotlight on Warriors with Super Bowl over

With the Super Bowl and football season over, the Golden State Warriors will take the spotlight as they chase down another NBA Championship.

What an incredible performance by the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51 on Sunday night. After being down 25 points, the Patriots completed the largest comeback in the history of the game and won the first ever overtime Super Bowl. The eyes will be on the NFL as everyone decompresses from the big game, but now it’s the Golden State Warriors time to shine.

Every year, the NFL gives way to the NBA after the Super Bowl and the league gets to take it’s spot with the NBA All-Star Game. The Warriors will be well represented in the All-Star Game with four players and Steve Kerr coaching the team.

They also are in possession of the best record in the league and have a chance at another 70-win season. No team has ever had two 70-win seasons in their history. The Warriors have a great chance at becoming the first team in history to do so.

With the added bonus of Kevin Durant and a couple of road games in Oklahoma City to go, all eyes are going to be on Golden State as they continue their championship march. Whether it’s people that love them or those that passionately hate them, this team is going to drive ratings across sports until the NBA Finals begin.

The NFL never officially goes away with things like free agency and the draft simply because of the giant they are. However, the NBA is in play and will hopefully put together another memorable season and one that hopefully doesn’t end in heartbreak for the Warriors.

Golden State loves to thrive in these situations and now is the perfect time of the year for the team to do ridiculous things as more eyes are on the product. It’s the Warriors chance to have the spotlight to themselves and they know what they have to do to get there.

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