Draymond Green says ‘Cavs suck,’ rolls with Marshawn Lynch at Warriors parade

Golden State Warriors fans gathered in full force on Friday morning to cheer on their NBA champs. 

Jeff Chiu/AP

The good people of Oakland came out in full force on the streets of the East Bay on Friday morning to celebrate the Golden State Warriors’ first NBA championship in 40 years in their victory parade. 

One of those celebrants included Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, standing on top of a bus alongside Draymond Green (but without his usual rainbow of Skittles). 

Lynch, as you recall, is an Oakland native: 

A giddy Green did not mince words during the Warriors’ celebration, exclaiming "Cavs suck" during an interview with CSN:

It’s not clear whether this was before or after Draymond Green’s mother had a heart-to-heart with Lynch and spoke proudly about her son: 

Green also got down to celebrate with the people along the parade route: 

Also on the scene: Stephen Curry and his cute-as-a-button daughter Riley, collecting confetti and being adorable.