Draymond Green weighs in on Hibbert-Booker altercation

Draymond Green is not intimidated by your slap, Trevor Booker.
Bob Donnan/Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

During Tuesday's matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz, Julius Randle and Trevor Booker got tangled up and Booker pushed the second-year forward off of him. 

Roy Hibbert jumped to Randle's defense, confronting Booker head on. Booker was unfazed, stepping towards Hibbert and throwing an open-handed left hook — it's unclear whether it was a slap or a punch — towards Hibbert's face that barely grazed the 7-2 behemoth. 

The NBA has incidents like this every few nights, so this was nothing special. It was an altercation, not a fight. But Golden State Warriors saw humor in the incident and decided to weigh in with his two cents:

Leave it to Green to call out a guy like Booker, who clearly has no regard for suspension or penalties if he's willing to take a swing in a preseason game. Keep this in mind when the Warriors play the Jazz this season.