Leandro Barbosa gets roasted by teammates after visa issues in Brazil

Despite his timely escape from Brazil, Barbosa couldn't escape the wrath of his teammates.

Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images

Even the oldest players on the Golden State Warriors get roasted.

Leandro Barbosa missed the team’s first two days of training camp because he was dealing with Visa issues in his native Brazil. Finally, after resolving the issue and flying 15 hours back to the U.S., Barbosa passed his psychical on Thursday and started camp on Friday.

But it was not without some laughter at his expense. Barbosa’s teammates, according to the 32-year-old guard, were not so welcoming:

"[They] were killing me," Barbosa said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “They thought that I was (in Brazil), just because this was training camp. They thought I was having fun over there. They’ve been here hurting in practices, and I was chilling, waiting for the week to pass, because next week is easier.

"They were giving me a hard time. The other players who have been through it, they know how it goes. But the American guys, they were killing me."

With Steve Nash around the team more now, expect the Barbosa jokes to only get worse.