Kevin Durant’s mom tells Adam Silver why her son joining Warriors isn’t bad for the NBA

Adam Silver might not think super teams are good for the NBA, but Kevin Durant’s mom doesn’t see a problem with her son joining the Golden State Warriors.

While talking to reporters before Wednesday’s ESPY awards, Silver told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that Wanda Durant explained to him why her son’s decision is different than other players joining forces.

"The one thing I have learned, I was just talking to Kevin Durant’s mom, every situation is different," Silver told the outlet. "This was a team in Golden State where they have three all-stars who were all drafted. A team that’s under the cap. And one free agent, who also happens to be a superstar, makes a decision to go to that team. It’s very different than if multiple players from different teams had come together and said let’s all land on yet a completely different team."

That example Silver described sounds eerily similar to what Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh decided to do in the summer of 2010, creating an unprecedented Big 3 in Miami. Granted, Wade was already on the Heat but he was a free agent that summer, too.

Silver acknowledged how difficult of a decision this is for players, especially for superstars who dedicate so much time to their communities.

"Every situation is unique, and these players have difficult decisions to make," Silver said. "Of course they want to win. I’m sure it was very difficult for him to leave the Oklahoma City community. Look at the incredible things he’s done there over the years. So these decisions are always difficult, and these are young men. It’s a lot of responsibility."