Cowherd: Warriors’ brand of basketball kind of boring

The Golden State Warriors have become a can’t-miss sporting event as the defending champs add to their record start. But despite sitting at 23-0 and hitting 3-pointers at a record rate, Colin Cowherd isn’t captivated by the Warriors’ shoot-first and shoot-often brand of basketball.

"I’m not as infatuated by the Warriors as everybody else," Cowherd said on "The Herd" on Wednesday. "I like the struggle, I like conflict . . . I wouldn’t mind the Warriors win seven straight titles. But I like conflict."

Cowherd’s major issue with the Warriors is their finesse style of play, opting to hoist from deep rather than drive to the paint.


"The Warriors go on 22-0 runs," Cowherd added. "The game is so finesse, it seems effortless. Can you imagine in the ’90s going on a 22-0 run? I can’t. First of all if it was the Knicks they’d break your clavicle and they’d wrestle you and you’d need 11 baskets straight, not just seven and a free throw."

Cowherd added that he does see one team that he thinks will put an end to the Warriors’ historic run — the Boston Celtics. He provided five reasons why Boston, which plays Golden State on Friday, can pull off the upset.