Frank Kaminsky’s baths include lots of Skittles, and a fictional House-Elf

Frank Kaminsky, soon-to-be sophomore for the Charlotte Hornets, is here to reinvent the way we take baths.

And consume Skittles.

Being the epic Twitter user/human being that he is, Kaminsky posted a photo of himself in a baththub…cloaked in bags of Skittles…with a cardboard cutout of Dobby, a House-Elf from the Harry Potter novels, chilling in the backdrop:

To answer your question, yes, the people over at Skittles joined this little party:

We must now assume that Kaminsky has some sort of endorsement deal with Skittles (aka the Wrigley Company, aka Mars, Inc.). If he doesn’t, that makes this picture absolutely inexplicable, and therefore much cooler.

The Dobby cutout is far more confusing and incites so many questions.

Did Kaminsky get it for himself? Did the people at Skittles? Is he a Harry Potter fan? Did he ask for one of the Seven Dwarfs and get this instead? Does Dobby double as an idle bodyguard? Does Kaminsky actually need a bodyguard? Even when he’s in the tub?

Is this is the first staged bath he’s taken with chewy confections and a mythical, magical cardboard sylph? Does he own a replica Harry Potter wand? Or perhaps imitation Nimbus 2000 and Firebolt broomsticks? Will he relax in the tub with M&M’s and a fiberboard Frodo Baggins, or Starburst and a standup Keebler elf, or is this strictly a Skittles and Dobby thing?

When you’re a hoops head slogging through the middle of September, with the NBA’s regular season almost 50 days out, these are important questions. We don’t need the answers, but let’s pretend that we do, just for giggles.

Anyhow, you do you, Frankie K. Most of us secretly wish we could cover ourselves in packaged sweets without the cardboard elf in our bathroom judging our hygiene habits.

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