Former New Orleans Pelicans’ Guard Eric Gordon Competing in Three-Point Contest

Former New Orleans Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon is one of eight contestants in the upcoming NBA Three-Point Contest during All-Star Weekend.

For New Orleans Pelicans’ fans, the JBL Three-Point Contest might become a very awkward contest.

The list of eight contestants became official today, with one name standing out above the rest for Pelicans’ faithful.

That is right…..Eric Gordon.

This can be frustrating for New Orleans fans to see, as no Pelican was given a spot in the contest. However, Gordon does deserve the nod with his play this year.

Eric has made 170 three-pointers so far in the season, which is over three and a half per game. His percentage is in the top 50 of the entire NBA. His marksmanship, that did not show in New Orleans, is showing full force in Houston. It is what got him in this contest.

Still, this is going to be one of the most interesting story lines of the contest. A player returning to his old arena that, after struggling mightily in his old home, moves on and finds success on a new team.

The other contestants include NBA Champion point guard Kyrie Irving, who put up 49 points against the Pels in January. It also features Raptors clutch shot-maker Kyle Lowry, who beat the Pelicans in OT on a ridiculous shot less than a week ago.

This event also features the defending champion of the even in Klay Thompson and the great overall entertainer of basketball in Nick “Swaggy P” Young.

The JBL Three-Point Contest will be on Saturday, February 18th, after the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. The festivities on Saturday will begin around 7:00 p.m. CST.

So that leaves the major question for each Pelican fan:

Who should you root for in this exciting event? Will it be Eric Gordon, the former Pelican? Or is it better to root against the man fans became frustrated with over the years and pick someone else?

Write in the comments who you are rooting for in the JBL Three-Point Contest!

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