Thomas’ friendship with Floyd Mayweather grew at Robin Thicke concert

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is a first-time All-Star.
Reinhold Matay/Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

By now many NBA fans know of Boston Celtics All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas’ friendship with heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

But until now, nobody really knew where that relationship first took off. Turns out the two hit it off at a Robin Thicke concert, by Mayweather’s invite.

In his recent piece about the diminutive point guard, Andrew Keh of the New York Times writes how 5-foot-9 Thomas in the summer of 2010 accepted an invitation from a mutual friend to watch Mayweather train at his gym in Las Vegas. Mayweather, who is 5-8, later asked for Thomas to call him.

So Thomas did. And here’s what Thomas told Keh happened from there:

“I called him,” Thomas said, “and he was like, ‘Do you want to go to a Robin Thicke concert?’ ” I was like, ‘I mean, I guess so.’ He said, ‘I’ll be outside your hotel in five minutes.’ ” Mayweather picked up Thomas, and the two hit it off right away. “It was nice,” Thomas said of the concert. “He was talking the whole time, so I didn’t really get to listen to Robin Thicke. But it was nice.” Thomas said he and Mayweather texted or spoke about every other day. Mayweather attended a recent Celtics game and afterward accompanied Thomas to dinner. They stayed at the restaurant talking until 4 a.m. “He tries to help me when it comes to my mentality, thinking like I’m the best, preparing like I’m the best,” Thomas said.

Thomas is a heavyweight story in his own right. He was the last pick — No. 60 — of the 2011 draft and, according to ESPN, he is the lowest-picked player to make an All-Star team since 1989, when the draft contracted to two rounds. He’s also the shortest player to be picked for an All-Star Game since former Houston Rockets guard Calvin Murphy.