Fan has spent $26,000 to see every Knicks game this season

The fan who spent a large sum of money to attend every Knicks this game is lighter in the wallet and emotionally spent.
Dennis Doyle/New York Post

By Ryan Wong

With the Knicks set to play the final game of their season on Wednesday, Dennis Doyle is set to complete his mission to see all 82 Knicks games this season.

All it cost him was $26,000 and his will to live.

“I’m so shot,” Doyle said. “My senses are just done. My memory all runs together.”

To put this madness into proper perspective, Doyle only began his insane quest of sadness after he was let go from his job.

Doyle started a blog to write about his season-long torment and he’s currently trying to shop a book proposal based upon his journeys.

As depressing as the Knicks have been this year (so depressing that the team hasn’t even been able to tank correctly), the Knicks’ season has seemingly weighed even heavier on Doyle. His sister, Kelley Doyle Snyder, sounded downright morose talking about her brother.

“I think he has appropriately suffered. He knew this was going to be a personal transformation, and you never know what the transformation is going to bring. But you know that there’s going to be some pain involved.”

Still, no one knows his own anguish quite as well as Dennis who had some amazing quotes on what his journey to watch every Knicks game has done to him. Here’s a small sampling of quotes that prove what watching the Knicks does to Knicks fans.

“If I had better health care coverage,” he said, “I’d seriously consider therapy.”

On seeing the Grand Canyon:

“Staring into the abyss,” he said, “it was hard not to think of the Knicks.”

And on nearing the end of his mission:

“When you get close to the finish line, there are two schools of thought,” he said. “It can re-energize you and push you harder. But I think I’m more the type that just wants to collapse.”

$26,000 down the drain and all poor Dennis Doyle has to show for it is a broken spirit. Hopefully, he’ll get a great book deal out of this to make it all somewhat worth it.

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