Ex-Spurs player Matt Bonner announces retirement with hilarious retirement video

Matt Bonner knows the deal.

The former San Antonio Spurs forward was never the marquee player for the Spurs or Raptors, and he spent most of his professional career playing an important but niche role as a three-point shooting big teams could bring off the bench to add a mismatch to their second units.

Bonner was a glue guy, or specialist, and he has a good sense of humor about who he is and what his skills were as a 12-year NBA veteran. So it makes sense that Bonner went out weird and making us smile.

The former Spurs big man announced his retirement on Friday by tweeting a video out on Twitter. It shows the 36-year-old center announcing to an empty conference room (reporters were expecting “Matt Damon,” not Bonner) and then trekking across the country to do his go-to move.

(Obviously, that move is dunking the ball).

Remember Matt Bonner for who he was: a slasher and highlight reel dunker. Or something like that.

Dan is on Twitter. He only wishes to retire from meme-centric journalism with half the grace.