Ever wonder if Sixers will win another game? Their coach does

Sixers coach Brett Brown speaks to shooting guard Tony Wroten during a recent game. Maybe they were trying to recall what a win felt like.

Kelley L Cox/Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Those hapless Philadelphia 76ers, will they ever win another game? How bad is it? One of the people wondering if the Sixers can pick up another victory this season is their coach.

"€œAll the time, I tell them (his players) that,"€ Brett Brown said (via Philly.com). "€œThis is the truth."€

The Sixers have lost 14 in a row and sit at 15-45 with 22 games left. And Brown just wants them to do a couple of things — well, three things if you count winning a game — get back on defense and pass the ball.

"If we don’t play better transition defense and don’t share the ball, then we have some problems, that is a fact," Brown said. "Because I think there is wins in that locker room if we get back in transition and we just have a chance to guard and we play together."

Sixers guard Michael Carter-Williams said the team doesn’t lack for belief in itself.

"All of us believe every time we go on the floor we are going to win a game," he said. "We never go on the court thinking we are going to lose."

And Charlie Brown always thinks Lucy is not going to yank away the football when he goes to kick it.