Evan Turner’s Ferrari runs out of gas on the freeway

If you get sick at the idea of a guy like Evan Turner driving around in a Ferrari after he played just 4 minutes against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, well, this might make you feel a bit better.

The Indiana Pacers swingman was stranded on a freeway after his red Ferrari ran out of gas Monday. And who saved him? None other than his former Ohio State teammate PJ Hill, who brought Turner a can of gas and then proceeded to blow him up on Instagram and Twitter.

"It never fails smh no matter how much money cats have they are still the same …  @evanalmighty12 Ran out of gas in his Ferrari smh #Embarrassing," Hill wrote on Instagram, alongside a video of Turner pouring gas into the car, with his amused girlfriend waving hi to the camera from the passenger seat.

Hill had plenty of fun with his buddy’s bad luck.

"This is the call I get… ‘Ay P I ran out of gas can u hurry and bring me some gas I’m right up the street.’ Hahahaha," Hill wrote.

Turner posted this pic of his ‘rari in happier times on Instagram just three weeks ago with the caption: "Kick it wit my granddad and take him for a ride. Tell him that I made somethin of myself and not just tried…"

You sure made something of yourself, all right, Evan. But all jokes aside, nice car. Have a great summer.