ESPN to Pay Tribute to “The First Fan” on MLK Day

Despite giving a memorable last speech to the country as the nation’s 44th President ESPN, President Barak Obama will headline the list of story lines on ESPN during their NBA coverage on a very special day. A tribute to the sports fandom and involvement of outgoing President Obama and a special edition of The Jump will highlight ESPN programming in observance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael Eaves will anchor SportsCenter on MLK Day with segments saluting the “First Fan” only a few days before he leaves the presidency, ending his historic eight years as the first African-American to hold the office.

Obama’s love of basketball will be highlighted in a feature that includes his participation with ESPN’s Andy Katz in selecting brackets for the NCAA men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments during his presidency.

Highlights of the World Series champion Chicago Cubs visit to the White House on MLK Day, will also appear on SportsCenter following the live airing of the ceremony on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Highlights of the event and other championship team visits during Obama’s presidency will also air during SportsCenter.

Next up ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, co-host of Pardon the Interruption, discusses the significance and legacy of Obama’s presidency. .

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, who will become anchors of the 6 p.m. SportsCenter beginning February 6, will discuss their visits to the White House and the impact Obama has had on sports and culture while in office.

Continuing ESPN’s long history of documenting the president’s sports connections, SportsCenter will air a feature on the sports involvement of President-Elect Donald Trump later next week.

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