Emotional Night Ahead as Andrew Bogut, Barnes Return to Golden State

Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes head back to Golden State on Wednesday night in what will be an emotional night for the former Warriors.

The Cleveland Cavaliers notably made history this past summer by coming back from a 1-3 series deficit to win the title against the Golden State Warriors, but it was the ripple effects in Golden State that could be the bigger story line.

The Warriors pushed all of their chips in for Kevin Durant and the consequence of that was the inevitable departures of both Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes. In the snap of a finger, Golden State pretty much gave away two staples of their team in order for ‘greener’ pastures in Durant.

For Barnes, it was the only franchise he had ever known as he was drafted four years ago and spent most of his short career starting at small forward for the Warriors.

Andrew Bogut had a different journey, but he too had spent the past four years in Golden State after coming over in the Monta Ellis trade from Milwaukee in 2012. Once the anchor in the middle as an NBA champion and 73-win team, Bogut found himself being shipped out this summer for basically nothing.

Both arriving in Dallas.

Now Bogut makes his return to Golden State as a member of the Dallas Mavericks in what will be his first time playing in Golden State as a member of an opposing franchise.

“It will be tough. I won a championship with most of that roster. Some great memories. It will be an emotional night going back there,” Bogut said prior to the west coast road trip.

I love seeing the raw and sincere remarks by Bogut. There will be emotions for him coming back home to Golden State and he isn’t afraid to admit it. Emotions surrounding the good memories he’s had over the course of four years, but also emotions of motivation as this team gave him away for nothing.

Whatever emotions that will be there for Bogut, once the game starts, it’s all basketball at that point.

“Once the ball goes up you kind of forget about all that stuff. There will be a lot of attention and emotions,” Bogut said.

You have to think there will be some added motivation for Bogut to face his former team, but for Harrison Barnes, it’s just another game.

Pretty political answer for Barnes as he too heads back to Golden State after being let go for nothing after four years. Even though he says it’s just “another game”, you have to imagine that having a big game in Golden State would taste sweeter than most.

When Barnes was asked at his locker on Sunday prior to the west coast trip about returning to Golden State, Barnes didn’t bite, and instead referenced his focus on the team’s record.

“What’s in front of my mind is the fact we’re 1-5,” Barnes said. He didn’t mention any raw emotions nor any added motivation, strict business for Barnes as he heads back. But do you really believe him or is it simply Barnes keeping his feelings to himself?

Whether you believe Barnes or not about it being “just another game”, Wednesday night in Golden State will be an emotional night for the former Warriors.

With Dirk Nowitzki, Devin Harris, and Deron Williams still out, Dallas will need a near perfect game as they look to make it a three game winning streak.

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