East bench loses it after guy in jeans throws down hellacious dunk

Carmelo Anthony and the Eastern Conference All-Stars during Sunday's game.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

There were a lot of dunks in Sunday’s ridiculously high-scoring All-Star Game. But a guy wearing jeans stole the show with the best slam of the night.

How do we know it was the best? Well, did you see either bench lose it the way the Eastern Conference’s players did after Jordan Kilganon threw down a no-look dunk after leaping over his buddy?

Yeah, take another look.

Kilganon is a professional Canadian dunker, and it looks like he’s making a pretty good living at it. That he stands only 6-foot-1 makes this dunk even more unimaginable. Maybe that’s the perfect idea to enhance the dunk contest, a Pro-Am, match an NBA player with a high-flying civilian.

Judging by the reaction of the East bench, which had the close-up during Kilganon’s circus act during a timeout in the fourth quarter of the 196-173 Western Conference victory, they would have given him a perfect score.