Dwyane Wade explains how Prince gave him the ‘ultimate compliment’

"He said that?" "I know, right?"

When we tragically lost legendary musician and entertainer Prince last month, the sports world broke down like the rest of us in an outpouring of love, appreciation and mourning.

With good reason: Prince was a huge fan of sports, basketball in particular. His love for the game became fodder for the comedic stylings of Dave Chappelle and made for good copy when dissecting the dimunitive musician’s past.

And when it came to NBA players, Prince apparently played favorites. In a 2012 interview, as the Miami Heat faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals, Prince revealed that Heat star Dwyane Wade was his favorite player (fast-forward to the 3:15 mark to hear Prince):

On Monday, a fan shared that interview with Wade, who was unaware of Prince’s preference. And the future Hall of Famer was left feeling some kind of way when he learned the news:

This time, we can be sure that Wade was actually emotional — unlike Sunday night, when it appeared Wade was crying, but he insisted that he was just sweaty from the lights and his intense focus: