Dwyane Wade’s former trainer believes he will finish his career with the Miami Heat

While Kevin Durant’s move from the Thunder to the Warriors may have been the single biggest shakeup of the offseason, the most surprising may have been Dwyane Wade’s departure from the Miami Heat to the Chicago Bulls.

After all, Wade was the Heat, the player who won three titles with the team,who was with the organization dating back to the Shaq days, straight through LeBron’s four-year jaunt on South Beach. Heck, fans jokingly renamed Dade County (the county Miami is located in) to “Wade County” in honor of No. 3.

Wade’s former personal trainer Tim Grover joined Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe during Wednesday's episode of “Undisputed”, and revealed a fascinating nugget: He believes that Wade will eventually come back to the Heat and retire in Miami.

Here is what Grover said when asked why Heat president Pat Riley didn’t fight harder to keep Wade with the team. You can watch the interaction at the 6-minute mark of the video above:

“I don’t know if Pat didn’t fight harder. I think this just manifested over time. I have huge respect for both of those guys. I have, I feel that at some point, Dwyane will end up back at Miami. I really do.

“I haven’t spoken to Dwyane about this, I haven’t spoken to Pat about this. It’s just a gut feeling of mine, I do have a gut feeling that at some point he will end up, he’ll finish his career in Miami.”

Obviously it’s all conjecture at this point, but if there’s one person — outside the immediate Wade family — who would have good insight into the subject, it might be Grover, who has spent countless hours behind the scenes with him.

For it to happen there are clearly hurdles to clear, and it wouldn’t likely take place any earlier than the 2018-2019 season, since Wade inked a two-year deal with Chicago this offseason.

It still could happen in the future, and Grover offers this reason: Wade no longer needs to be “the guy” like he was earlier in his career.  It’s why Grover believes Wade will be successful in Chicago, and why he could — in theory — have success in a potential return to Miami as well.

“Dwyane is going to have a successful time in Chicago. Dwyane has an ability to help his teammates, to elevate. He’s not looking to be ‘the man’ anymore. He’s still looking to compete and to win. Having [Rajon] Rondo there, having Jimmy Butler there; look, he’s already said, ‘This is Jimmy Butler’s team.’ He understands his role, and where he is at this stage in his career.”

This is obviously a fascinating subplot and one to watch over the next two years, as Wade’s Chicago years begin to unfold.

One thing’s for sure: If Wade goes back to the Heat, there will be a lot of people happy in Miami.