Durant says owners at fault in lockout

Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant is looking for some concessions

from NBA owners to help end the lockout.

”They got to meet us at some point,” Durant said after playing

in an exhibition game at a DC-area high school on Saturday. ”I

feel like (the owners) aren’t helping us out – they’re not trying

meet us halfway with it.”

Durant said the players had ”sacrificed a lot” in an effort to

reach a labor agreement.

The owners and players are scheduled to meet with a federal

mediator on Tuesday and Commissioner David Stern has said the

league’s popular Christmas Day games could be canceled if that

session does not go well.

The lockout, which began in July, already has wiped out the

first two weeks of the regular season.

”The way the meetings (have) been going, it’s just so slow,”

Durant said. ”Us as players, we bring in a lot of the money.

Hopefully we come to an agreement, but we got to stand firm.”

Though there has been speculation over whether there will be a

season, Durant is optimistic the sides will resolve their

differences in time to play.

”I’m not concerned about that,” he said. ”I think we’ll get

something done – I hope so. I don’t want to think about that.”

For as long as the lockout progresses, Durant said he’ll

continue to participate in exhibitions to keep in shape and

maintain a positive relationship with fans.

Durant was in Washington with Wizards guard John Wall, Kings

forward DeMarcus Cousins and other NBA stars to renew the

Philadelphia-Washington DC rivalry in front of crowd of several

hundred fans.

Lou Williams and Hakim Warrick led the way in Philadelphia’s

172-169 win. Durant scored 56 points for the DC team.

”They’ve been talking trash to me for two weeks now,” Durant

said of the Philadelphia team. ”I wanted to put on a show.”