Draymond Green is the tallest, skinniest Santa we’ve seen

Draymond Green knows how to have fun -- and bring joy to others.
Paul Sancya/AP

When the holiday season rolls around, the NBA and its players shift into high gear when it comes to giving back to their communities. For Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green, that meant donning a Santa Claus costume and doing a bit of gift-giving:

Green was on hand to brighten the season for some deserving families, which was pretty cool. Yet in this first clip, you can tell that something’s up. There’s just the slightest hint of awkwardness in the air as Green introduces himself:

The reason, according to Green? The young fan recognized him immediately (via For The Win): 

“As soon as I walked up he said uh oh who is that is that Draymond?” the Warriors forward said. “I thought that was pretty cool because my face was pretty well covered but he figured it out immediately which lets me know that he’s a pretty big Warriors fan, which is cool.”

That was probably for the best, though, because otherwise things might have gotten confusing. At what point is he Draymond Green, and at what point is he Santa Claus? The kids would likely be super excited to meet an NBA player, but it might ruin the whole "Santa" thing, right? Fortunately, the fan’s smarts made all of that irrelevant.

And that’s a good thing, because the rest of the event looks pretty close to perfect. Just look at the look on this young man’s face as he shakes Santa Green’s hand:

And it looks like Green wasn’t the only NBA player on hand to share some love:

Lots of love for Kumar at Dubs practice! #WarriorsGiveBack #NBACares

A photo posted by Golden State Warriors (@warriors) on

If his performance on the court isn’t enough, this whole scene should help convince you: Draymond Green is definitely an All-Star.

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