Donald Sterling’s wife claims she is not a racist and does not condone comments

Rochelle Sterling, wife of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is sitting courtside, opposite the Clippers bench, in place of her husband.


Clippers owner Donald Sterling wasn’t in atendance at his team’s Game 4 matchup against Golden State on Sunday, but his wife, Rochelle, was there, and she was asked questions about the racist remarks that have been attributed to her husband.

ESPN’s Lisa Salters reported on air during the game that she was not able to get an on-camera interview, saying that Rochelle Sterling had been advised not to do one. But Salters did get some comments from her about the controversy.  

According to Salters, Sterling was adamant that she does not support the comments that have been attributed to her husband. She told Salters that she is not a racist, never has been and never will be.


Salters said that when she asked Rochelle whether it was her husband’s voice on the tapes that were released over the weekend, she said hadn’t heard the entire recording and that she wasn’t sure. But Salters said Rochelle told her that she does believe certain portions of the taped coversation were cut out.

You can see the video of what Salters said about their conversation here.