Doc Rivers suggests Steve Kerr should make Russell Westbrook happy at All-Star game

Doc Rivers suggests to Steve Kerr to keep Russell Westbrook happy for the All-Star game.

There’s an old saying that you must keep your friends close but your enemies closer. According to Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, this is a necessity as the head coach for the All-Star game. As a head coach for two All-Star teams, Rivers saw first hand what it was like to coach players who could potentially beat him in incumbent playoff matchups. Rivers made sure to keep those players happy and content, then when the playoffs came around, there wasn’t an edge to be used as motivational fuel.

Steve Kerr will have his second opportunity to serve as the head coach of the Western Conference All-Stars. Kerr and his Golden State Warriors just defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in an emotional game this past Saturday. Russell Westbrook went on a tear, and battled former teammate Kevin Durant, along the way.

There is a considerable chance the Warriors could face the Thunder again in the playoffs, and Westbrook could be out for blood. Rivers advice to Kerr? Keep Westbrook happy,  because you never know what may happen down the road when the playoffs begin.

“I made sure they loved me, the other ones,” the Los Angeles Clippers coach said. “I knew my guys liked me. That was not my concern.”

“…I didn’t want some guy trying to score 50 on us when we played them, so I was really good at that and I went to each guy, ‘How much do you want to play? Do you want to play?’”

Westbrook’s mentality has been compared to players such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. No matter who is on his team, when he is determined and brings his best game, he’s dangerous. If I’m Kerr, I’m listening to Rivers’ advice wholeheartedly. The last thing the Warriors need is another upset in the playoffs.

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