Doc Rivers denies report of problems between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan

Doc Rivers denies trouble between CP3 and DeAndre Jordan.
Nathaniel S. Butler/National Basketball Association

By Larry Brown

Doc Rivers acknowledges that Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan have problems at times like any other teammates, but he denies that the two had a falling out.

The Clippers head coach did an interview with The Beast 980 in Los Angeles Thursday and denied a report saying that his point guard and center do not get along.

“I can put this to rest: They get along great,” Rivers told Fred Roggin of The Beast 980 on Thursday. “Clearly, like everybody, they don’t get along all the time, and they don’t get along with me all the time, either, by the way. I don’t see that as an issue. I think all three, and I’m including Blake (Griffin) in this as well, understand how important the other guy is to them. Meaning, they all three need each other to win, and I think all three get that and all three know that and all three want to do it together. To me, that’s the most important thing.”

This is a much different tune from the report that said there was a “schism” between the two players.

Rivers has already said the Clippers will offer Jordan a max contract. They can offer the center $108.7 million over five years. Another team can only offer $80.7 million over four years. Jordan would have to really hate CP3 to leave that kind of money on the table.

In the coming months we will really get to see how much he wants to remain with the Clips.

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