Doc Rivers’ son rips ESPN’s Simmons

Bill Simmons is a Boston Celtics fan and Doc Rivers is a successful coach who just left the Boston Celtics to coach the Los Angeles Clippers.

Tough break for the Celtics, eh? Oh well, you know? Seasons change, coaches move on, such is life, right?

In this case, no. This time, some feelings have been hurt, some names have been called and we’ve now entered the, “Can you guys just hash this out between the two of you?” phase of a tiff might have worked better as a scene on “Real Sports Guys of Boston,” if such a thing existed.

Oh, and in addition to being a Celtics fan, Simmons is a member of the sports media. He works for ESPN. This is important.

“I would call him an idiot,” Rivers told ESPN. “But I’m too classy for that.”

Apparently not.

Anyway, this all stems from Rivers’ departure from the Celtics. Simmons asserted, via live TV during the draft, that Rivers quit on the team. Rivers asserted, via WEEI in Boston, that Simmons had been lobbying to have Rivers fired. Writing letters and such. Simmons asserted, via Twitter, that Rivers is “making sh*t up.” Simmons also referred to Rivers by his given name, Glenn, for some reason.

Here’s Rivers, late in the second round of the NBA Draft, getting in another not-so-subtle dig and Simmons’ reaction . . .

The beef also came to include one of Rivers’ sons, Jeremiah, who peppered Simmons in a hail of tweets . . .

So there’s that, whatever it is.