Do the Dallas Mavericks Have a Top 250 Fan Base?

From sports, entertainment, brands and more the FanSided Network pulled the most heralded fan bases from across the world to form a top 250 ranking. Did the Dallas Mavericks fan base make the list?

From the Chicago Cubs winning the world series to LeBron James bringing a title back to Cleveland, fans across the sports universe witnessed things over the last year that many would have never imagined.

There were tears of joy and tears of heartbreak across the sports world from fans, but is sports the only thing that has fans? Absolutely not.

Think about your favorite bing watching tv show or your favorite brand that generates the most hype. Maybe think about a certain celebrity that has a huge following or a video game that is played across the globe.

Well, FanSided took the most dedicated fan bases and ranked the top 250 of them. The NBA definitely made their presence known on the list.

From Stephen Curry to LeBron James, there were a handful of NBA stars to make the list (see where the stars rank here), but there were also a handful of teams that made the list too.

The following are the teams and rankings that made the list:

Toronto Raptors – 187

Seattle SuperSonics – 152

Chicago Bulls – 140

San Antonio Spurs – 80

Boston Celtics – 65

Cleveland Cavaliers – 55

New York Knicks – 51

Los Angeles Lakers – 28

Golden State Warriors – 15

We all knew the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls and Celtics would all have a spot on the list as they have all four been staples of the league for decades. Cleveland, and more notably Golden State, have shot towards the top of this list due to their superstars and recent success.

I was profoundly happy to see the SuperSonics on this list as they have this almost, folk-lore of a fan base that is always fun. Seattle is thirsting for a team back and the fan base of the Sonics make that known.

I was actually happy to see San Antonio on the list too. Steady success behind an all-time great in southern Texas has produced one of the most loyal fan bases in the NBA. They got rewarded for that in this ranking.

The only one that makes my head tilt sideways is the Toronto Raptors. I guess Drake, Vince Carter, and the fact they have a whole country makes a good argument, but I would have never guessed they would have been on the list.

Should the Dallas Mavericks be on this list?

Over the last 10 years, the Mavericks have won a championship, produced an all-time great player in Dirk Nowitzki, and have probably the most outspoken owner in all professional sports. But does that equal a top 250 fan base?

Probably not, but a top 275-300? I think so.

Nowitzki has generated the most Mavs fans over the past 10 years while putting those fans across the globe with his global phenomena. Mark Cuban has almost an even effect on the fan base as some fans love him while a lot of fans hate him. The definition of a love/hate relationship in Dallas.


For the next set of NBA teams to be considered, the fan base of the Mavericks should definitely be in that group, but for now, they didn’t make the top 250.

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