The Los Angeles Lakers are still guard shopping – do Dion Waiters or J.R. Smith fit?

Complacency is the enemy of success.

And no NBA franchise loves success more than the Los Angeles Lakers.

That’s not the only new, old face that was in the Lakers’ offices on Monday.

The Lakers are the best team in the Western Conference and the second best team in the league, but clearly, they don’t feel like standing pat.

But is taking a flier on the talented, yet mercurial Waiters really the answer in LA? Or is Smith – mercurial in his own right – a better fit to push the Lakers over the top?

It’s debatable.

Waiters had a rough time in Miami earlier this season. He was suspended for ‘conduct detrimental to team’ on opening night in October.

Then, in November, an incident on the Miami team plane led to a 10-game suspension.

The following month, Waiters was suspended once again – this time for six games – after calling in sick to work, only to not actually be sick.

He was traded in early February.

Presumably, Waiters would be a gamble for the Lakers and their chemistry, but he seemed to leave La-La Land on good terms Monday.

Smith, who has had his issues in the past as well, is another option for LA, and his angle is familiarity playing alongside LeBron in meaningful games.

Don’t think of this image:

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Think of this one:

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Awwwww. Brotherly love.

Smith hasn’t played since July of 2019, but his experience – even at age 34 – could still be considered valuable.

It’s not imminent that the Lakers sign either Waiters or Smith or anyone. But a week after bringing another Morris twin to Los Angeles…

…it’s become evident that the Lakers believe they are in-need of evolution.


We’ll see which former LeBron teammate can potentially help them remain LA’s best team.