Dewayne Dedmon making the most of his minutes

Dewayne Dedmon is making the most of his minutes in his first year with the San Antonio Spurs. What he brings to them and the rest of the team is starting to go unnoticed.

He will not go out and give you 20+ points a game but what Dewayne Dedmon brings to the San Antonio Spurs is a lot of heart and energy.

In 15 games with the Spurs this season, Dedmon is averaging 4.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and shooting 50 percent from the floor. Again, he will not give you the jaw dropping numbers that Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge bring.

In his most recent game, a 97-96 win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday. With 7:27 left in the third and down by 15 Dedmon did what the bench players do, bring energy.

The point in the game that changed was when Dedmon ripped won a rebound from the Bucks Greg Monroe. Monroe, not liking the outcome shoved Dedmon. Davis Bertans got into the mix as well as he came to the aide of Dedmon by shoving Monroe.

Bertans would get ejected.

Dedmon fueled off of that interaction with Monroe. Plays later, he had this incredible sequence and let it all out for everyone to hear.

The bucket would put the Spurs up one and bring the bench to their feet. It was not the only time in which this happened.

In the exact same game, momentum was with San Antonio and they were feeding off every second. This is the game that Dedmon brings to San Antonio. He is there to be a bruiser on the glass and bang against opponents down in the post.

His passion showed. He played his heart out and continues to do so when his number is called. To prove more of his worth, against the Washington Wizards, Dedmon did not score a single point but was +12 when in the game.

A player that knows his role and does not try to do more than he should. Dedmon has been and will continue to be a key piece for the Spurs this season.

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