Devin Harris, Not Deron Williams, Should Be Worried About Yogi Ferrell

The rise of Yogi Ferrell has put a spotlight on the injured Deron Williams and what Dallas will do with him. But Devin Harris should be worried the most.

Ever since the Dallas Mavericks started the season with one of the worst records in the league, chatter has grown around two veterans on expiring contracts that could be dealt before the trade deadline.

Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams.

Andrew Bogut dominated the trade speculation over the past couple of months, but just over the past few weeks, Williams’ name has popped up in rumors with the Mavericks season maybe heading towards the lottery.

Then comes Yogi-mania to Dallas.

After injuries to Williams and Barea, Dallas signed undrafted point guard, Yogi Ferrell, to a 10-day contract where the youngster led the Mavericks to four straight wins. Instead of signing Ferrell to another 10-day contract, the Mavericks gave Yogi a multi-year contract.

Instantly, the future of Deron Williams was even more in question. But should Devin Harris be worried the most?

Devin Harris is under contract this season for around $4.2 million where he averages just over 16 minutes a night. After missing the first 16 games of the season due to a toe injury, Harris has been relatively healthy where Carlisle tries to keep his minutes under 20 a night.

Where it gets interesting is the last year on his contract, the 2017-18  season at around $4.4 million, is non-guaranteed. The Mavericks will have a choice whether to bring Harris back or cut ties with the veteran guard.

Now, with Yogi in the picture, uncertainty surrounds that non-guaranteed money for Harris next season.

For Deron Williams, the writing has been on the wall for some time.

The chances of the Dallas Mavericks landing in the draft lottery and selecting a point guard is becoming more like a likely possibility. With the 2017 NBA Draft loaded with point guard potential, Dallas could land most likely anywhere in the top 10 of the draft and still land a quality point guard.

But even if Dallas misses on all of the point guards in the draft lottery, the chances of them bringing back Deron Williams as their starting point guard are slim in my opinion…and I think he knows that deep down.

So with a combination of a loaded point guard draft lottery, J.J. Barea still under contract, and a plethora of free agent point guards this summer, the writing HAS been on the wall for Deron Williams suiting up in a different jersey next year.

Now take a look at the guard rotation next year assuming the guys under contract are still on the roster.

J.J. Barea and Seth Curry are under contract for next season, along with Wesley Matthews if you still consider him a shooting guard. Let’s also assume the Mavs will pick up the team option on Yogi Ferrell next season. Then factor in a new starting point guard via the draft or free agency.

Is there still room for Devin Harris?

The Mavericks could very well decide to keep the younger Ferrell at $1.3 million over the veteran Harris at $4.4 million.

A lot has been made about what the Mavericks should do with Deron Williams since the arrival of Yogi Ferrell. But it’s Devin Harris who should be worried the most.

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