Who did Hotline Bling music video better: Drake or … Steve Blake?!

The Detroit Pistons made a wonderful parody video of "Hotline Bling."
Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images

The Detroit Pistons are crazy for this one. 


Rap superstar Drake’s latest hit "Hotline Bling" will be heard in NBA arenas constantly this year. That’s especially true in Toronto, where Drake is a Raptors executive and often catches games at courtside. 


But the conference rival Pistons decided to let one of their own shine instead of Drake, in the most hilarious way possible. 


Yes, that’s right. Instead of Drake in the music video for Hotline Bling, here’s Steve Blake. 

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Hopefully this is the start of a lengthy rap beef between the journeyman point guard and the rapper. Drake vs Blake. There’s already a hashtag. That’s how these things start, right?