Pistons’ Reggie Jackson hiring protection by paying teammate’s fines

Reggie Jackson is hiring Marcus Morris as his personal enforcer this season.
Brad Mills

After signing a max contract extension with the Detroit Pistons this offseason, point guard Reggie Jackson is taking an interesting approach on how to spend some of that money: he’s hiring protection.  

Although he wouldn’t confess to it when asked directly, new teammate Marcus Morris said that Jackson offered to pay all the fines for his technical fouls this season.  

That may be more money than Jackson anticipated. Morris had nine technical fouls last season, tied for 11th most in the league, despite his limited playing time. 

Here’s what Jackson and Morris told David Mayo of MLive.com

"He told me today he’s going to pay for my techs, so that’s a plus," Morris said after the Pistons’ Wednesday morning practice, the second day of training camp.

Jackson neither confirmed nor denied. He also made it clear he wants protection.

"We aren’t going to go on public record saying that, necessarily, but we’ve got to be a team," Jackson said. "I wouldn’t tell y’all if I do that but I’ve got to take care of my team. I wouldn’t tell y’all. It may happen, may not happen. But when guys take care of you, sometimes you’ve got to take care of guys.

"You definitely need that, especially me attacking the rim," Jackson said. "They’re just going to whoop my ass all game. So I need guys like that to back me. If we get into a physical altercation, it is what it is on the court. It happens."

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