Detroit Dance Cam fan gets his rematch

If you’ve been watching Detroit Pistons basketball hoping to see a rematch of the young Dance Cam fan battling the dancing usher, well, you can stop.

Antwain Alexander, 11, and Shannon Sailes, 46, finally met face to face last week on "Good Morning America" — and of course it was on, on sight.

"I don’t want to brag, but I’m good," Antwain said. "I have the sprinkler, then I like the ooh-kill-’em, then I got the Michael Jackson shoulders move, where he moves side to side, then I have the spin … then I do the wave.

"I brought my A game," he said. "I think I won."

Sailes said it was the first time he’d challenged a fan.

"He was talking my crowd," Sailes said. "So it was time for me to step up. This is my house, you know."

A couple nights later they were at it again at The Palace at Auburn Hills.

The Pistons mascot appeared to give it to Alexander.

"Overall, he’s a young man, talented, got so much going for himself," Sailes said. "He’s the winner."