Derrick Rose expects to hear some boos during Friday’s return to Chicago


It wasn't long ago that Derrick Rose was the face of the Bulls franchise. Born in Chicago, he led the team to the Eastern Conference finals in 2001 and was named league MVP that same season.

Injuries, however, turned Rose into a shell of his former self, and the Bulls are Jimmy Butler's team now. After being traded to the Knicks this summer, Rose will make his return to the United Center on Friday. And he's not exactly expecting a warm welcome from the fans in attendance.

“That would be a dream (to get a unanimous ovation), but I know I'm going to get some boos here and there,” Rose said Wednesday, via ESPN. “It's all a part of the game, all a part of the sport. It's not going to affect the way that I play and how bad I want to win that game.”

Rose played seven seasons for the Bulls, and he didn't leave voluntarily in free agency, so the fans may be a little more forgiving — especially since the team is going to embrace his return.

There are no hard feelings on Rose's side, and despite the Knicks' 1-3 start, he's embraced the opportunity to play for New York in the league's biggest market.

“There's no bad blood there at all,” Rose said. “I totally understand the business of this game, and yeah, there's no bad blood. I never felt that way about getting traded or me coming to this team. I always took it as a blessing that I had the opportunity to come in this market, this franchise, and to be able to create a culture here.”