Union votes 8-0 to seek Fisher’s ouster

The knives are out for Derek Fisher at the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), with the executive committee voting 8-0 to seek his resignation as union president.

The fallout comes in the wake of Fisher’s long-running power struggle with executive director Billy Hunter, a feud that played out in the latter stages of the NBA lockout.

The NBPA executive board issued a statement Friday, calling on Fisher to resign to "avoid further damage to the NBPA and its 450 members."

The no-confidence vote was based "on numerous instances over the past six months where Fisher engaged in conduct detrimental to the union, including acting in contravention of the players’ best interests during collective bargaining," the NBPA board said.

The dispute between Fisher and union officials became more heated in the past week with Fisher pushing for a review of the NBPA’s business practices, a move blocked by Hunter late Tuesday.

Fisher initially received the backing of the executive committee to get an independent examiner to audit Hunter’s handling of the union’s financial affairs.

But the same eight-member committee later switched allegiance to Hunter — who said the move for a review was "unnecessary" following a recent independent audit — and now was asking Fisher to stand down.

"The NBPA performs annual financial audits and shares the results of those audits with the Executive Committee and Player Representatives at its annual meetings." the union said Friday.

"The NBPA completed a financial audit in February and will share the results of the audit with the Executive Committee and Player Representatives at the union’s summer meeting."

The veteran Thunder guard, who has more than two years left of his presidency, made it known that he has no intention of resigning and will resume his push to investigate Hunter’s regime.

Hunter’s contract with the union runs through 2016.