Report: Lawson expected to return to Nuggets’ lineup Sunday

Ty Lawson is reportedly returning to action Sunday after being arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving on Friday.

Rick Bowmer/AP

Nuggets starting point guard Ty Lawson is reportedly returning to the lineup on Sunday, two days after an early-morning arrest on suspicion of drinking and driving.

According to The Denver Post, Lawson said that he "apologized to the team," but that the nature of those comments will not be made public. He also said that he met with coach Brian Shaw.

"I talked to him," Shaw said, according to the Post. "I left him to deal with his teammates on his own, with them. For me, it’s no different than your own child doing something. And the same care and concern that you have for your child. Just wanting to talk about responsibility, doing the right thing, learning from mistakes that you make and how it affects not just you but your family and your fans, organization and everybody else around."

Lawson said his first court date is Feb. 27. Denver police said on Friday that they had arrested Lawson for investigation of driving under the influence. In a statement, the police said Lawson was stopped after an officer saw a car being driven fast and carelessly early Friday.

According to the Post, Lawson was traveling 61 mph in a 35 mph zone. He reportedly refused to submit to a chemical test.

Lawson missed Friday’s game against the Boston Celtics. Denver hosts Washington on Sunday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.