Dennis Rodman starred in bizarre ad

It’s no secret that Dennis Rodman has been using his new, strange bond with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to return to the spotlight, but this recent stunt came out of left field.

Seriously, man? The green hair … that’s expected. The nail polish? Naturally you. But a pistachios commercial with a look-alike of the North Korean leader?

It’s funny, but very weird.

Just a couple weeks after Rodman bragged about being the first foreigner to hold Jong-un’s newborn daughter and announced that he would be returning there to set up a couple exhibition games with local players and former NBA ballers, he appeared in this:

After watching it, I’m actually glad Rodman decided to poke fun at the situation. Here’s what the Twitter world had to say:









Wonderful Pistachios has been known to have quirky commercials with buzzing pop culture characters like PSY and Snoop Lion. After Rodman, it’s safe to say they have officially declared a no filter styled approach to selling their nuts.

Maybe this will help make light of the rebound king’s friendship with the North Korean leader. Realistically … the pistachios probably won’t do the trick, but it’s a start. So lighten up, America.

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