Dell Curry can still shoot a little

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry hit his dad, Dell, with a pass and the retired NBA marksman casually banked in a deep three.

In the Golden State Warriors’ huge win over the Charlotte Hornets, Stephen Curry put on a dazzling display of shooting. He made 11 three-pointers and scored 39 points. He was brilliant.

While so much of Curry’s amazing shooting ability comes from working hard, it also courses through his veins. The ability to knock down long range shots with ease is a family trait. His father is the OG sniper.

Dell Curry was a fantastic shooter in his playing days. He was a 40 percent three-point shooter, hitting 1,245 in his career. He holds the record for most in Hornets history.

These days, Curry is the color commentator for Charlotte’s local broadcasts. He gets to watch both of his sons play on NBA teams. It must be exciting for him, but the competitor must wish to be on that court again.

Shooters shoot, no matter what. They don’t lose that touch. He showed that before the Dubs’ victory.

Steph tried to scare his dad by throwing a ball at him. The baller-turned-broadcaster picked it up and launched it from at least thirty feet away. The ball floated through the air until it hit the glass and banked in.

It was a pretty awesome moment. Steph posted a great photo of their reactions afterwards on social media.

It was fun to see the father/son combo having a little pre-game fun. It’s also really neat to see Dell splash that deep three. He just turned and fired it extremely casually. No warm up shot and he was in a suit. That’s legend status.

It doesn’t matter if he meant to bank it or not. That was an impressive shot. Most active NBA players probably can’t hit that.

Dell played for the Cleveland Cavaliers at one point in his career. They’re in the market for a cheap playmaker. He’s shooting a better percentage than Key Felder is from beyond the arc.

But Curry looks like he’s pretty comfortable in his current job. It’s just a friendly reminder of how good he is at shooting a basketball.

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