Dejounte Murray has no problem with trips to Austin

Dejounte Murray has been on multiple trips to the teams D-League Affiliate in Austin. Not getting much playing time with San Antonio, he welcomes the ability to go back and forth.

It is nothing new for players in the San Antonio Spurs system. Rookies, first-year and sometimes second year players are assigned to their d-league team throughout the season to stay polished on their skills.

For Murray, he was asked after the teams win on Monday against the Miami Heat how he feels about going back and forth from the two.

His answer, may not surprise you.

The developmental league has helped Kyle Anderson and Jonathon Simmons in their careers with the Spurs. This season, Simmons has made his mark and has shown his improvement, credit to the d-league.

Anderson has also reaped the benefits from the back and forth access to Austin. Though he is not scorching the stat sheet, there are areas in the game that Anderson has improved on.

With Murray’s latest statement, it seems as if he is going to also take full control of the opportunity.

Coming from the college game to the professional game there is a difference. Murray is young and does need to work on certain areas of his game. In his debut with Austin, there were times in the game where he seemed un-easy, hesitant at times.

He needs to build the confidence and let shots fly. He is a decent ball handler and can create shots off the dribble. Being in Austin will also help him in familiarizing himself with the Spurs system.

Murray has only logged minutes in garbage time. He has not been called on much during middle parts of games so we are unsure what he can really do against teams starters.

He has a bright future in San Antonio. If he continues on with the attitude of going to Austin to improve on his game, it will benefit him in the long run.

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