Dear DeMarcus Cousins, Get It Together!

How long now have we heard the rumors? Will the great talent of DeMarcus Cousins be traded so the Kings can rebuild beyond the “Hardwood Hell” of his tempestuous moods?

Shaquille O’Neil, a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings, confirmed in a not-so-sideways manner this week that a continuance of DeMarcus Cousins’ “bad boy” ways will lead to the end of his Sacramento tenure.

This has long been obvious to all. Now, is Cousins prepared to take notes and do something before the unthinkable happens?

In other columns, I have outlined Cousins’ outrageous rants, his paranoia towards the referees, and his fouling out and technicals that have kept the Kings from being a cohesive four-quarter team. And I have suggested three redeeming directions for Cousins, ways out if you will:

  1. He can stuff his rage. While this is not the healthiest–or effective–of possible ways out, it’s available as a band-aid.
  2. Cuz could implore–in an act of humility–that his teammates come to his aid and shame him when he starts to lose it.
  3. Or (best choice): Get a therapist and find out–in private–what’s at the root of the problem.

DeMarcus, you were born like all of us into a happy world. Did something happen as you grew to create this unbalanced approach to life? Sorry to ask this in public, but your fans need to know.

Are you as committed as you say you are to the playoffs? If so, the season ahead (and your future as a King) can only be solved by you.

Unsolved, there will be just more unfettered dramas and a trade to some hopeful team where the general manager and coach think they will be the answer to your problems. Unless they are magicians–and I don’t believe in magic–you will not change your personality by changing your geography.

It’s on you, dude. The problem–as the Pogo comic strip used to suggest–remains: “We have met the enemy and we is us.”  All men–because of the macho way American boys are raised (and shamed)–avoid talk of the touchy feelies. Real men open up and face up to the demons within.

DeMarcus, there’s still time to have a happy childhood. Go back and grab it. We are all rooting for you.

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