Day-to-Day NBA Podcast: The Knicks have lots of problems, again

We discuss the New York Knicks’ recent struggles, including Derrick Rose’s no-call no-show, Carmelo Anthony’s frustrations, a lackluster defense, and the usual New York media circus in the latest episode of The Step Back’s Day-to-Day NBA Podcast, hosted by Jason Mann.

James Marceda of NBA Injury Report joins the show to talk about Rose’s difficulty understanding how his actions are harmful to others, Kristaps Porzingis still providing the Knicks with hope, Carmelo Anthony showing signs of decline, Phil Jackson’s passive-aggressive jabs at Anthony, whether Joakim Noah is still salvagable, why the Knicks’ defense has been so bad, and if there’s a chance the Knicks can put together a great team anytime soon.

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We also discuss whether the Knicks would be better off without Anthony even if they received nothing in return and if Jackson should remain as general manager just because of the fear his replacement would be worse.

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