Day-to-Day: Coasting Warriors and West expectations vs. reality, part 2

We continue our discussion of how Western Conference NBA teams are faring compared to their preseason win projections in the latest episode of The Step Back’s Day-to-Day NBA Podcast, hosted by Jason Mann.

Nothing But Nylon host Kevin Ferrigan joins the show for part two of our discussion, this time looking at teams who are meeting or are falling short of preseason expectations. We look at the Warriors, who still have things to figure out yet could seemingly coast to 70 wins, and how Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are meshing.

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We also discuss how little seems to change around the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins despite a rotating cast of players and coaches, how the Nuggets are building around Nikola Jokic and have a lot of players who seem useful to other teams, how the Timberwolves’ defensive struggles shouldn’t be a big surprise and wonder what happened to Brandon Knight for the Suns.

We also talk about why the Blazers can’t cobble together a better defense, how injuries have held the Mavericks back and whether Dirk Nowitzki is finding his way again, and lament poor Anthony Davis’ fate with the Pelicans.

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