Dallas Mavericks Top 10: #8-Josh Howard

As we continue the Dallas Mavericks Top 10 Countdown of Mavs from the 21st century, we stop today at a player we all wish we could’ve seen in his prime, Josh Howard.

The Dallas Mavericks were more than just a good team during the mid-to-late 2000’s, they were arguably the best team in the league. With 60 win seasons becoming the norm and Dirk Nowitzki still fully at the helm of it all, the Mavs were dangerous.

Although Dirk was the ring leader of this danger for the opponents, another player struck fear into many of his opponents, especially if they had to guard him on one of his hot nights. This player was none other than “J-Ho”, Josh Howard.

Howard played with the Dallas Mavericks for a total of 7 seasons before tapering off and ending his last few seasons of his career on different teams. During those 7 seasons, Howard averaged over 15 points per game in 4 of them. A hot scoring threat every night, Howard had the ability to create his own shot and hit it on any given night.

One of the ways Howard really made his mark on the Mavericks fan base was by giving Dirk another star to work with after we lost Steve Nash and Michael Finley. In fact, Josh Howard did so good early on that he even made an NBA All-Star team in the year 2007.

Of course, a player this good could very realistically be higher than #8 on our list. The reason for such a low ranking is mostly based on lack of follow through. It looked like the Mavs actually had a bonafide all-star player again until Howard’s off the court activities caught up to him.

Josh Howard may not have ever reached the potential that Mavs fans wanted, but he was still an excellent player, and for that reason, he finds himself today at #8.

Up next at #7, we will have a center that brought hope and energy to the Dallas Mavericks on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

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