Mark Cuban wants to add another draft to NBA offseason

Mark Cuban thinks there should be two drafts in the NBA offseason, not just one.
Kevin Jairaj/Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In the eyes of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, one draft per season isn’t quite enough. 

Cuban recently suggested that the NBA add a supplemental draft to the calendar for undrafted free agents of the current and past three years.  

Essentially, this supplemental draft would help teams fill out their summer league rosters and put players in a better position to earn guaranteed money. 

Here’s more on Cuban’s plan, via  

"I would have a supplemental draft every summer for undrafted free agents of the current and previous three years,” Cuban wrote in an email to Hoops Rumors. “If you are more than three years out you are not eligible and just a free agent.”  

The supplemental draft would have two rounds, and teams would hold the rights to the players they select for two years, Cuban added. Players can opt out and choose not to make themselves eligible, but those who get picked would receive fully guaranteed minimum-salary contracts when they sign, according to Cuban’s proposal.  

“That would make it fun a few weeks after the draft and pre-summer league,” Cuban wrote. “It would prevent some of the insanity that goes on to build summer league rosters."

(h/t ProBasketballTalk)

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