Can you guess how long this 700-person game of Knockout lasted?

Sorry, Brooklyn Nets fans. You've just been bumped from the record books by the Dallas Mavericks.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking a Guinness World Record isn’t easy. Just about anything you can think of, someone has already done it, and done it extremely well.  

That didn’t stop fans of the Dallas Mavericks, though.  

More than 700 Mavericks fans gathered together for an event held by the team to break the Guinness World Record for the largest game of "Knockout" in history. 

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"More than 700 fans turned out — 701, to be exact, because that matters here — in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records’ mark for largest game of basketball knockout. The title previously belonged to the Brooklyn Nets and their fans, but Dallas eclipsed the mark by 72 players. 

“It’s nice to see that the record stays in the NBA,” said Guinness representative Alex Angert, “and we look forward to seeing whether or not the Mavs can top their own record, or if another team comes in and tries to make this some sort of competition among basketball teams.”  

According to the Mavs’ official site, there were 27 rounds spanning more than three hours before the field was whittled down to the final 10. Once the player pool was down to a more manageable size, the game concluded relatively quickly.

As for the winner — beyond the pride of participating in a world record, 22-year-old John Diggs won a pair of 2015-16 Mavericks season tickets. Not a bad haul for a few hours of hooping.