WATCH: Mavs’ Williams somersaults into the ‘What are those?’ meme

You never know when Deron Williams is going to troll you.
Kevin Jairaj/Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For many NBA fans, "What are those?" is almost a rallying cry. For those of you who might be less familiar with many memes of the Internet, here’s our best explanation.

Say you see someone whose footwear isn’t quite up to your standards. The shoes are scuffed, or they’re an odd color, or what have you. If you wanted to bring attention to said sneakers, you could make a big show of pointing them out and yelling, "What are those?" It’s odd and silly, but the saying became a social media staple after a Vine user posted a video in which he queried a police officer to identify his work boots.

In the NBA, where shoes are king, the meme gained instant traction. And on Friday night, after the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, Mavs big man Charlie Villaneuva posted a video from within the Dallas locker room in which point guard Deron Williams surprises an unsuspecting bystander with a somersault across the floor into a "What are those?":

Confused? We’re guessing the target of the meme felt the same way.

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