Dallas Mavericks: Decision Time in Dallas

The season keeps going and the Dallas Mavericks keep losing, but when will the Mavs make a decision on their season?

After the Dallas Mavericks won five out of their last nine games, the optimism shared throughout the organization was slowly starting leak into the fan base. The team was getting healthy and they just beat up on the Wizards at home.

Then Phoenix and Atlanta came to town where they slowly started to let the air out of the playoff balloon for Dallas. Then a trip up to Minnesota on Monday night all but popped it for the majority of fans.

But the balloon isn’t completely out of air yet.

Believe it or not, the Mavericks still sit just 4.5 games back from eighth place out West and have yet to make a roster move that signaled any idea of tanking. Their next four games consist of Phoenix, Minnesota, Chicago and Miami…four games that are very winnable for Dallas.

But the reality of the situation is that it’s time to make a decision in Dallas.

The Mavericks have lost three straight games and sit at the bottom of the Western Conference with a record of 11-27. They have veterans that are on expiring contracts, a couple of young assets, and a first round draft pick that could be valuable for some teams.

Now, with the trade deadline just over a month away,  Dallas has to decide whether they are going all in for the playoffs or all in for the lottery. Either way, they need to make a decision.

If it’s the playoffs they decide upon, then the next decisions around their roster need to be made with that goal in mind. Exploring trades for proven veterans such as Paul Millsap, Goran Dragic or other veterans that could help Dallas make a push now should be the goal.

The open roster spot should be held open for a possible buyout veteran similar to David Lee and Dallas should push all of their chips into making the playoffs for Dirk Nowitzki.

That all is if they decide that making the playoffs is their main goal.

If it’s the lottery they decide upon, then the roster and minute distributions should be a reflection of that. Trading off Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams for future assets would be the best moves and handing out quality minutes to some of their younger pieces could help in their development.

The open roster spot should be used on possibly a D-League call up or younger player that still has room to develop into something worthwhile.

Whatever decision that you think the organization should make, actually making a decision is the most important thing.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is for Dallas to pass up the trade deadline without making a clear-cut decision. Holding on to their expiring veterans, not developing their younger talent and finishing ninth or tenth in the West.

This is why now, with a month to go before the trade deadline, is decision time in Dallas.

Whether it’s all in, or all out, the decision has to be made.

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