‘Crying Michael Jordan’ is now a pancake — with syrup tears (VIDEO)

Would Michael Jordan eat a pancake of himself crying? The world will (probably) never know.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

You, dear reader, are a savvy consumer of online content. We’re sure you know of "Crying Michael Jordan," one of the most pervasive memes in today’s shared electronic culture. But if you’re not a regular denizen of the deeper parts of the Internet, you might not be fully aware of the sensation.

It’s relatively simple: Jordan famously broke down toward the end of his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2009. For whatever reason, more than six years later, Jordan’s emotional moment has become shorthand for sports suffering. A still image of his tear-strewn face is superimposed over a person who has reason to be very sad: Members of a team that just suffered a heartbreaking loss, for instance, or the Big Apple at Citi Field after a World Series ends.

It’s all rather silly, of course, but the meme has taken social media by storm, refusing to fade. And now, "Crying Michael Jordan" is edible — in the form of a pancake, complete with syrup tears:

Here's the world's first crying Michael Jordan pancake

You've seen Michael Jordan cry, but have you seen him cry syrup?Courtesy of our friends at Dancakes and Eater.

Posted by SB Nation on Thursday, November 12, 2015

So the next time you’re on your couch watching a live sporting event and Jordan’s face pops up all over your social media timelines, you’ll know why. And now you might get a little hungry, too.

(h/t SB Nation)

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