WATCH: Gordon Hayward takes on Colin Cowherd, sticks up for eSports and gamers

It's Gordon Hayward (left) versus Colin Cowherd in the classic battle of good versus evil . . . or something.

Melissa Majchrzak (NBAE)/Getty I

There is a new villain — and now a superhero — in the eSports world.

All week long, FS1’S Colin Cowherd has openly poked fun at video gamers and the entire eSports culture on his show "The Herd." Well, Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward — an admitted hardcore video-game player and fan — came to the defense of his plugged-in community and brought the debate to Cowherd himself.

The backstory: On Tuesday’s episode, Cowherd launched into a rant and blasted all video gamers, saying eSports is for "booger eaters."

Of course, the Internet picked up Cowherd’s beefs with the gaming crowd, but the FS1 host refused to apologize or back down the next day:

Enter Hayward, who donned his proverbial cape to drop this classic Twitter dig on Cowherd:

On Thursday, Hayward was a guest on the show to debate the supposed hate Cowherd has for the eSports world. The Jazz player, who said he is a huge "League of Legends" fan and is closely following the current world championships, continued to take Cowherd to task for the host’s criticisms.

Somehow, this all led to a discussion of the finer tastes in microwave dining, with Hayward explaining to Cowherd that it’s OK to pop in a Hot Pocket once in a while, no guilt necessary. 

Will the Hot Pocket crowd come after Cowherd next? Stay tuned.