Clippers escape Charlotte thanks to Griffin, Crawford

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Clippers escape Charlotte thanks to big nights from Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford.

The Clippers would have lost this game had these two not played the way they did. It was also a big victory as they fallen down one spot in the Western Conference Standings to 5th.

Who passed them, you ask? The Utah Jazz passed them and LA is only one game behind. Had they lost this game it may have made it more difficult for them to earn back the 4th spot in the standings.

LA has been having trouble staying consistent lately.

Could it be trade rumors or getting ready for the All-Star break? Maybe.

Nonetheless this was a well deserved team and overall victory for the Clippers.

In this game LA started out slow and looked as if they were going to lose this game. However that did not happen as two players made an impact on the game.

One started and the other came off the bench. Jamal Crawford came off the bench and was the leading scorer fro LA with 22 points in 27 minutes. Crawford made 5 three pointers the most made from anyone on the Clippers and he also added two assists.

Blake Griffin also assisted in this victory by recording a double-double. Griffin grabbed 12 rebounds to go along with his 20 points in 35 minutes.

He also had a monster slam or throw the ball in the basket. In this game rebounds were important as they had 50 of them and had 26 assists.

Also, they weren’t that great from the field 40-85 shooting 47.1% and from downtown they were 14-34. Only four players reached double-digits.

Also, everyone who competed in the game scored. If they are going to advance in the playoffs they will need production on the score board from everyone.

They need to pass the ball to everyone therefore more players score double figures in the points department. Lastly they will even have to limit the turnovers they have, but force more turnovers.

Lastly, if the Clippers expect to make it the post-season they will have to be consistent.

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