Cleveland sets Snuggie world record

Cleveland has its original world record covered.

Fans attending Friday’s game between the Cavaliers and Detroit

Pistons set a world record for the largest gathering of people

wearing fleece blankets.

All fans in attendance had a Snuggie placed on their seats prior

to the game. During a timeout in the first quarter, fans were asked

to wear the wine-colored blankets with arms for five minutes as a

clock on the scoreboard counted down. Most everyone complied –

except for one fan wearing a Celtics jersey and another who thought

ahead and brought a Pistons Snuggie. The rest of the sellout crowd

of more than 20,000 turned the Q into a sea of red blankets,

counting down the final seconds and cheering as the world record

clock expired.

An adjudicator from Guinness World Records attended the game to

make the record official.

Danny Girton Jr., an adjudicator executive with Guinness World

Records, said there was no existing record, so the records

management team opened a new category for Friday’s event.

Girton said he was looking for four parameters in order for the

record to become official: At least 250 people have to participate,

they must all wear their own Snuggie, they need to wear it for five

minutes and they all must be the same color.

All of the Cavaliers players were given their own personalized

Snuggie. Shaquille O’Neal’s needed 9 feet of material – 2 to 3 feet

more than a typical Snuggie for the 7-foot-1 O’Neal. Rookie Danny

Green wore his Snuggie on the court for pregame shootaround.