LeBron says ‘we lack mental’ but fails to mention what he’s lacking

LeBron James pulled up for the game-winning 3, fired and … missed everything.

After Friday night’s 99-97 loss at Toronto, though, he placed the blame on his Cleveland Cavaliers team as a whole.

"We lack mental right now," was the takeaway from his postgame session.

The Cavs might lack mental toughness, as LeBron seemed to be suggesting, but what James failed to mention is what he’s lacking, which is a good 3-point shot right now. He was shooting 27.6 percent from distance this season entering Friday, an all-time low, and recently had a six-game stretch in which he missed 18 straight attempts. He’s gone oh-fer on 3’s in 23 games this season.

By comparison, Kobe Bryant, with his tired 37-year-old legs, is shooting 27.3 percent on 3’s and has taken an oh-fer only six times this season.

That provides plenty of fuel for the LeBron haters.